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The People Need A Voice

The American People need to be heard! Our Veterans and 1st Responders need more support! 


I Will Be Your Voice Not A Boss

I will fight for what you need not what I or other Politicians need! Let's do what makes sense for the American People!


I Promise To Serve

I have helped people and put them ahead of myself my whole life.  That is all I know how to do! 

I'm a Veteran & 1st Responder


My background

Born and raised in Folcroft, Delaware County I grew up in the Boys Club, Boys Scouts and followed  my dad around the firehous. At 16 I joined the Folcroft Fire Company and rose up the ranks and became Fire Chief in 2004-2005 before moving to Aston in 2005. I graduated from Monsignor Bonner High School Class of 1990. I enlisted in the Navy and did a few deployments to the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf 1991-1994. After the 9/11 I re-enlisted in the reserves. 

After moving to Aston I joined the Green Ridge Fire Company held a position of Lieutenant then the Aston Beechwood Fire Company I held a position as Captain. When the 2 companies merged in 2015 I held a Captain spot. 2014-2015 I was appointed Fire Marshal for Folcroft Borough and appointed Assistant Fire Marshal for Aston Twp 2014-2016.  I stepped away from the fire service after 29 years to pursue a chance to serve my country again.  I joined the Bethel Fire Company to continue helping out surrounding communities. 


My top issues

As a Veteran seeing fellow Veterans struggling and not much help in DC is aggravating and talking to several Veterans at VFW's & American Legions it motivated me to run for office.  Veterans, 1st Responders and the American People have lost their voice in Washingto. I intend on bringing it back! Being a Union Worker I have seen production move out of our plant, fellow workers keep choosing healtcare and each time their plan gets less and less.  

Illegal Immigration is out of hand.  I am all for Immigration if done legally. My wife is an immigrant from Portugal and seeing her family come here and struggle to make a life and succeed is the American Dream.  


My involvement

I am a Life Member of the Folcroft Fire Company (29 years). When i was active there I held positions of lieutenan, captain 2nd Asst Chief, 1st Asst/Deputy Chief and Fire Chief.  Held fundraising events and organized banquet.  Appointed to Fire Marshal in Folcroft and Assistant Fire Marshal in Aston Twp where I did safety inspections and instructed local school teachers and businesses basic fire safety and extinguisher use. 

As my firefighter days have winded down my activity time has increased and looking to serve again. 



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I want to hear everyone's concerns and if elected I will fight for everyone!!


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